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Janice Joohnson



I was one of six raised on a farm in southwestern Minnesota.  After an elementary education in the local country school and a  small town high school diploma, I earned a BS in Botany and an MS in genetics and plant pathology in the University of Minnesota system.  In my twenties I married, lived in Europe and South America, taught school and got tired of being poor.

The next chapter took me into Agribusiness in Wisconsin where I was the 1st woman to travel from farm to farm selling farm seed . Later I traveled the country coast to coast marketing forage crop seeds and was finally promoted to the corporate shark tank in Minneapolis, MN.
That is where the MS began. I worked for another  fourteen years before retiring on disability in 1999 at the age of 57. When I asked myself 'what comes after MS?'  I found the answer in the curiosity and creativity that had always fed my soul one way or another.
In the early 90’s I began in earnest to develop my creative abilities.  I built an enclosed garden, completed an unfinished house, took a Community College course in drawing and started to paint with watercolor. In 2000 we moved to Mineral Point, a lively artist’s colony in southwest Wisconsin where I am now painting and displaying my work at the Globe Clay Center, 225 Commerce Street.  My growing portfolio  has been mostly botanical and mostly watercolor  but is  spreading into other themes and media as curiosity and maturing skills  take me. 

This chapter of my life is the most rewarding yet.  I have more things I want to do than I will live long enough to accomplish. My range  is growing, my circle of patrons is growing and I am getting commissions more frequently.
Life is good.

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